Friday, November 9, 2007

Wait One More Night

The following was written by a missionary with Macedonia and I thought it was tremendous. It is powerful and convicting. One to use in your messages for sure. Thank you Bro. Aaron for sharing this with us.


Today the Master said labor in my field
But to Him, my service I did not yield.
He said my harvest is plenty, ready and white
But today I’m tired wait one more night.

Today He said, you must work while it is light
But today it is hot wait one more night.
Today you must go the end is in sight
But today some have scorned me laughed and mocked
Just one more night

Master, today I will serve, no longer will you have to wait
But the Master said, today to serve you are too late
The harvest is past it has went to waste
For every man, death I did taste.
Yet many do not know Jesus is my name
I speak this to your shame

But for the harvest my laborers were few
Now their judgment you will view
Their blood will I require at your hands
You would not labor across the harvest lands

I was not willing for any to perish
I was sent to die, for the harvest I did cherish
Who do you know that will be in this lake of fire
All because to labor in my harvest you had no desire.

By: Aaron Short - November 8, 2007


Alonso said...

Excelente Comentario, estamos orando por su ministerio alla en Vision.

Shane Clements said...

I think that is the lie that Satan uses the most with well meaning Christians, just wait, there is plenty of time. But when we read the Scriptures we find out that when God deals with man about salvation or about service, He always uses present tense. I believe "Now" is His preferred word of choice.

Excellent poem and excellent post