Monday, November 12, 2007

Being A Friend

Today I spent around 40 minutes on the phone with a pastor in Florida. His challenges are great and his energy is spent. In the midst of our conversation, I was humbled and ached at what he said, "I do not know who else to call. I don't have anyone that I can be totally honest with and know they will try to help me and not hurt me. So I called you."

I have prayed for this brother all during the day and feel for him. The thought hit me, "How many other people feel the same way?" Who needed me to notice them and I was too busy to realize they needed a friend? I know there are things this dear brother could do to establish friendships in his area but am grieved that we are very superficial many times.

While you are on deputation, and travel meeting many pastor's, take the time to establish friendships. Really care about the people you come in contact with. God has you there for a purpose. Be someone that others can call in a time of trouble.

Like I have said before, Help someone today because you may be the one that needs the help tomorrow!

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Shane Clements said...

Amen !!!

When I was pastoring, I would tell the folk, that apart from one very, very minor exception, the world is made up of other people. And those people, every one of them (6.5 billion) are fighting a battle that is very important to them. We should strive to live a life that will help, edify, and uplift them. Sometimes we may not have the answer, but we can be an ear for them. Keep up the good posts.

For Deaf Souls,
Bro. Shane