Tuesday, November 6, 2007

For God

John 3:16 is the foundational verse that our children learn, sports fans put on signs and even the lost know. I fear, though, we miss the verses beauty and power. While meditating the other day I could not get past the first two words. "For God...."

While on deputation, if we are not careful, we lose the focus of what missions is all about. It is not about you raising money to get to the field. That is only a fruit. It is not about the lost being saved. That is only a fruit. It is not about raising up more missionaries to go. That is only a fruit. The reason for deputation is "For God". For His glory, honor and praise. It is so that God would be exalted, worshipped and adored. The other things listed are very important but the main focus for going into the world is God's glory.

Will God receive glory from your life today? Will men speak more of you than Him? Are we stealing God's glory when we go into churches? Let us remember afresh and anew that this is all "For God".

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