Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Life Of A Runner

In talking with missionaries and those who deal with missionaries, there is a trend that I see being established beginning with deputation. That of running. Running from the responsibility and crucible of trials that mold us to be what we should. I am meeting more and more missionaries who want to go to the field before their support is raised. They do this under the umbrella of being spiritual but in reality they may be beginning the life of a runner.

Support has gone stagnant, meetings are not being scheduled, the body is weary, the family stressed out, etc... Could it be we want to go to the field to get a ministry started when at home we have a ministry that is not completed. Deputation is your ministry. Will you fulfill that ministry before you start the one on your "field". Have you grown lazy? Are you making phone calls? Setting up meetings? Doing your devotions? Preparing fresh messages?

Many good men have gone to the field prematurely. They complain of not having enough money, can not leave the field, losing support, etc... If they had finished the course, they may not be in the condition they are in.

Will you be a runner that will finish or run from your course? Raise your support and then go to the field. If your support is stagnant and meetings are slow, you may have grown slothful in your work. See this ministry to the end because your next one will depend upon it!


Shane Clements said...

Amen Bro. Tony. What very true and needful words to encourage and motivate missionaries to stick with the stuff and see each phase of the ministry through. I speak from experience as one who was a runner in the past and now I have to travel twice as far to get back to where I was, but with the grace and help of the Lord. I will.

imderik said...
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imderik said...

Bro. Tony, I sure do appreciate your "tips" given on this blog. As a young pastor, it helps me see some of the responsabilities, trials and JOYS of being a missionary on deputation. It would also be a help if you had deputation tips for pastors as well...just a thought. I love you Brother and am praying for your family.
Derik Lawrence, Victory Baptist, Loganville, GA