Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spirituality and Sick Children

Continuing with questions from our "wives of deputation", here goes!

In regards to the first question (see blog for Monday, Sept 10th), how do you keep spiritually strong when you have been out of church for a whole week. I don't think I have ever in my life been out all week long from church even when I had my children. I was at church even if I felt tired and it always seem to be a blessing there at church.

First, I am excited to hear of your faithfulness to the house of God. May your tribe be increased!
Secondly church is a help to our spiritual life but it is not our spiritual life. Your question is one of the most important ones that missionaries and people in ministry need to really get a hold of. Right now is great preparation for when you get to your field. When you start a church, who is going to show up? will there be Sunday school classes? do you really listen to your husband when he preaches? We must all learn how to daily walk with God so that if church were never available we still have a spiritual walk. Some things recommended.
1. Have a time before the children stir that you can read your Bible. My wife is up at 5 am to get ready and have her personal devotions before the children are gotten up.
2. Do not just pick at random scripture to read. Systematically go through your Bible.
3. Take notes on what you have read and what it means to your life. Basic questions to answer are, What does this scripture mean, How does it apply to my life, What I do not understand.
4. Talk it over with your husband. If he does not know the answer he will find it.
5. Have an accountability partner. This morning, I sent my devotions to a friend and he sent me his. If you do not get their devotions after two days, just call them. Not with condemnation but compassion. Love them and see what is going on.

We must learn to be self feeders. Learning how to personally get something from God's Word is not something for a preacher but for a child of God. Learn how to walk with God.

This was an incredible question. More could be said. I pray this helps for now.

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