Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Article on Motivation

There are some good points to consider in this article. As you go through it, make note of changes and additions you personally need to make. Have a blessed day.

Inspiration - How much does it matter if someone is motivated?Huge - 87% less likely to leave if motivated, less sick days, less health problems, less wasted hours, etc.
2) Whose job is it to keep me (as a leader) motivated? ME! How?a) Be Crystal clear on God's calling on my life - Seek God's voice regularly!b) Leverage my spiritual gifts in the way and at the level that God gave them to me.c) Make sure that team players are motivating and inspiring people or remove them.d) The books I read.e) Make a point to rub shoulders with EXCEPTIONALLY inspiring people occasionally.f) Participate in events that are EXCEPTIONALLY inspiring to me. g) Paying attention to my physical disciplines! (exercise, healthy eating, etc)h) Pay attention to my working environment - decorate my surrounding work space to lift my spirits!i) Having an inspiring recreation outside my work world. (Colin Powell fooled around with old Volvo's, Hybels boats, Pat races) j) Practicing daily spiritual disciplines that keep my faith fresh.
3) What is the best way to motivate those around me?a) Live a motivated life in front of them!! (see above - be a force multiplier!!)b) Connect everyone you lead to a compelling cause! Convince them that they are doing something valuable that is connected to the greater vision!c) Learn the inspiration language of everyone on your team and then speak it! People want to be inspired in different ways - it is inconvenient, but it is important!d) Identify and reduce every demotivating dynamic we possibly can! Frederick Herzberg researched - even highly motivated employees will leave an organization if the demotivating factors are not worked out. Sometimes we expect the calling of God to rise above the demotivators and messes at churches - it won't work! (benefits, office space, environment, lack of funds, etc.) e) Celebrate every sign of progress toward your teams shared goals! Set goals that are achievable on a frequent basis that lead to the "big" goal. 4) What would the church look like if EVERY member were inspired?a) Acts 2:42, the members were devoted (inspired, pumped up, motivated). Everyone was filled with a sense of awe! signs and wonders! People were so motivated and inspired that they began giving to the poor in unprecedented levels, they began to radically accept and receive one another, people all around the city were so astounded by what was happening at the church they were in awe. people were coming to Christ daily! The church lived out the dream of Jesus Christ! There can be and should be churches like this again! It is these kinds of communities that God is asking us to lead - why did God give you a leadership gift? To lead people into this kind of community.
For the glory of Christ and no other reason,

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