Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Do I Let My Children Go To Other Services?

I am so thankful for the response gotten from the blog. Your questions is what helps it remain relevant. Today I Will try to answer one that may be a bit touchy to some.

Do you send the children to Sunday School and Children's church both or do you keep them out for church service? If you are not sure of the church standards and teachings do you send your children to a children's church or Wednesday night masters club or something like that? I feel bad not letting my children go but I am not sure what they are being taught either.

If your children are old enough to go to Sunday School, Children's Church or the mid-week program, I would recommend letting them go. I say this for several reasons. I have met missionary children that do not meet other people well. If they do not meet people well while on deputation, then they will not do well when you start your own church away from everyone you know. Deputation is not only a great time of training for mom and dad, but the children as well. In all of our lives to grow, we go through uncomfortable times. Your child may be used to being around you so the when they have to go to Master Clubs they start crying. Dry the tears, love them and send them on. After church talk with them. The next time won't be quite so difficult. (for them or you!)

As far as not trusting what they teach, if you are going in like faith churches, that should not be a problem. There are always exceptions. So we talk with them after the services, find out what they learned, and if it is wrong we teach them.

In my family, my children loved the mid-week program but were uncomfortable at times going into Sunday School. They loved children's church. I found that the long miles, many meetings, and their dad preaching all the time made them start enjoying a little time apart in the different programs the church offered. It hurt my feeling too but you may find your children enjoying being away from you, with other children and not listening to dad preach "the same message again"!!

I pray this helps some. If you have further questions, please email me at
God bless and have a great day.

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