Monday, September 10, 2007

The Female Perspective

I know that many times the things written in this blog are directed to the man. Over the next few days I would like to address some of the difficulties for the wife on deputation. The following question came from Christy Short, missionary wife to Wisconsin.

1. I have heard that most churches like to meet the whole family. Does it hurt if not all of the family can come because of sickness? Does it affect the support? I hate staying at home when I really need to be with my husband but I also have sick children. I have actually had my parents watch the kids just to be with Aaron but I hate imposing on them too. It seems that we have been sick a lot these past few weeks. We are finally all better except for colds.
The whole family not being in church hurts you unless it is for the right reason. Being lazy, tired, and unspiritual are not the right reasons; being sick is. If your husband lets the pastor know that you are home because of a sick child, it will not hurt your chances of support. Now make sure that the ones that stay home are sick. Healthy children staying home because one of their siblings is sick would not be recommended. Your husband can take the other children to church. It will actually help him for the church to see him as a preacher, missionary and father. Husband's may not like the idea, but it will do them good!
As far as your parents go, praise God for them. If they can help at times, wonderful. The likelihood of you being around where they can watch them because of sickness will become less and less as you travel away from home. So burnout is unlikely.
Something Stacey was militant about was taking hand sanitizer into the churches and after "hand-shaking" she would very privately pass it down the row and we would all use it. That would not be a bad idea for you guys, especially how many churches you will be in, people you will meet and hands you will shake!
Thanks for the question. If you would like further discussion, please just let me know.

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