Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Is God Well Pleased With Us?

This was sent to me from Russell Pruitt - missionary to Montana. I thank God for the way this brother is growing during his time on deputation. I would also love to see/hear how God is speaking to you through His Word.
Thanks Bro. Russell.

I Cor. 10:5-6

The Old Testament is for our example, and that we should believe God’s word and live by God’s word, not because of others lives example, but because of what God’s word says.

I find myself not listening to what God has to say but what man has said. As I have been on deputation I find myself caught up with covetousness. What man says, “Get what you can and what ever way you can?”

God took me back to the Ten Commandment. Ex. 20: 3 & 17

I) “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” v. 3
Do we have anything in our life, which has priority over GOD? How about this; are so busy in our deputation that we forget to spend time with God alone. Or our mind is so keened on trying to get to the field and to save souls we forget that we are to give God all the glory and to magnify His only Son our Saviour.
Does our day begin with GOD, continue with GOD and end with GOD? Do we desire to remove from our lives, those things which compete for supremacy with a HOLY GOD? If we don’t do these things then we do have other gods before us!

II) “Thou shalt not covet…” v. 17
I said I don’t covet my neighbour’s house, his wife, his man/maidservants, or his animals; so I am ok from this sin. But am I? What about “any thing that is thy neighbour’s!”
God brought to my attention about something in this verse. Yes I don’t do these things but I have done something and that is Coveting my neighbour’s money. Not doing it willingly but I have found myself thinking well they ought to take us on for support because they know me, because God moved in the service, or just because I feel like they should; or I would ask myself I don’t know why they didn’t take us on; how about they didn’t give us any Love Offering. What does this sound like? Don’t judge! We all have done same thing! God calls this Covetous (SIN 1 Tim. 3:3). Do we look for opportunities or desire to gain from others mis-fortunes?
Go expecting to give than to receive. Acts 20:35
Four things I now do as I go along on deputation:
I) That GOD be glorified.
II) That sinners might be saved
III) That saints might draw night to God
IV) That I leave having done the Will of God

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