Friday, August 31, 2007

Four Levels of Response

I am amazed at the principles used in business that are applicable to missionaries on deputation. Notice the four levels of response when a company markets their product that occurs:

1. Awareness - People becoming aware of a product. Knowing that the product now exists. You do like calling pastors but how do they know you even exist. I fear sometimes we have an over rated ego of thinking we are more than we really are. Hand out prayer cards, make phone calls and help people to become aware of who you are.

2. Affinity - People begin to develop positive feelings toward you. Learn how to meet people and be at ease with them. Learn how to listen. Show concern and be real. It is ok for people to like you.

3. Understanding - Affinity leads to greater investigation. At this point, good marketing helps consumers understand how and why the service provider benefits them or is right for them. Do pastors and churches desire to know more about you and your ministry? Do they see how partnering with you will be a "benefit" to them?

4. Value Threshold - This person is offering somthing of value to me, and I want it. On the church level they say, "This missionary will help our church reach the world we want to be apart of His ministry."

Remember these are business principles but are you and I not in the greatest of all "businesses"? As you go into churches this weekend, are you prayed up, prepared up, and focused where they would say, "we need this family and want to invest in their ministry."

I love you all and am praying for you.

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