Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Personal Brand

When you think of Coke, Nike, McDonalds, Bill Clinton, Dr. Lee Roberson, Michael Vick, what comes to mind? It has been defined that your personal brand is the powerful, clear, positive idea that comes to mind when other people think of you.

A frightening thought is that the people you want to reach may never receive the Gospel at your hand. When you go into a church, very few have any type of knowledge or burden about your field. Many times they can not even find it on the map. Thay are not buying into a country or state they are buying into you. If they do not like you then you do not raise your suppport and a people group is left void of the Gospel. (I told you it was frightening!!)

Think about the following:
1. Who are you?
2. What do you do?
3. What makes you different or worthy of investment?

May God help you to go into a church and show them that you are different. You are not like "all the other" missionaries. Let them see your courage, passion and commitment. You train harder, study more, pray and walk with God. You are the special forces of ministry and by the time you leave they know it. Be real. Be authentic. Do not "work up" emotion. Let it flow from the inner man. Handling yourself well before people does not mean we sacrifice being ourselves and being authentic.

So what do people think when your name is mentioned?
Is that what you want them to think?
What do you need to change?

I love you guys and am praying for you.

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