Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why People Give

While raising your support, you will hear many myths as to why people give. Let me offer to you some reasons people give.
1. God moves them. Remember God is in control. We must remain obedient.
2. Your ministry stands for a value personally important to the giver. Do they believe in what you are doing?
3. Your work makes a difference in the lives of people. In your presentation, show them where you will be making a difference.
4. You connect with the people. People give to people. You may represent a field, but they will be giving mainly to you.
5. They are included and have a sense of ownership. Keep churches and individuals informed to what is going on and how their help made it possible.

With your own money, your desire is to invest it in something that will yield a return. With the money that people and churches support you with yield any return? Sometimes we wonder why people do not support us. Could it be that they felt it would be a risky investment? May you present yourself and ministry with the power of God that people would look at you and say that you are the real thing. Be sure your ministry yields fruit to their account.

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