Monday, July 16, 2007

Missionary Jesus

It is an undeniable fact that Jesus Christ is the greatest missionary ever. He came to a "foreign" land, "learned" a language, and even had people that supported Him. In Luke 8:1-3 we find Jesus going from town to town preaching the Kingdom of God and training His disciples. He cured people of disease and cast out evil spirits. The amazing thing is that He also had people that supported His ministry. In verse 3 we are told that these women whom He had helped supported Him of their substance. If Jesus used and "needed" the financial aid of people, so do we. An amazing thing about deputation is your opportunity to minister to others. When you meet people or go into churches, minister to them. I am a firm believer that as you help others, when they are able, they will help you. Ask God to help you today to minister to the needs of people. Think about the churches you have been in this month. How have you helped them? How have you been an encouragement to them? Many missionaries do not get the help and assistance of others because they were not a help to them. That may be a little strong, but true. You have a wonderful opportunity before you, take full advantage of it.

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