Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Your Burden

As the young man sat across from me crying, I felt like crawling under my desk and dying. This all transpired when he asked the question, "What did you think?". My wife cringes when she hears others ask me this. It has never been my intention to purposefully hurt anyone; yet it seems more likely than not, when asked, "What do I think?", somebody gets hurt.
The reason this young man was crying was I told him what I thought. I was pastoring at the time and explained to him that if he did not have a burden for the people (England) then do not get mad at my people if they did not. He was a nice guy but just did not know how to share his burden for the field.
If you were to ask the pastor of the church you were at most recently, "What do you think?", would you like the answer? Do people know, feel and care about your burden (field) when you finish speaking with them?
Do some self evaluation and I will see you tomorrow to discuss this a little further.

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