Friday, July 27, 2007


Have you ever wondered why one missionary received support and you did not? Has it ever made you angry? Why was your love offering smaller? You have five children, traveled twice as far as anyone else, stayed for the whole conference and received the same amount of money.  Have these feelings ever gotten the best of you?  I am afraid that too many people in the ministry have grown rather bitter over their circumstances.  What someone said or did not say; what someone did or did not do, etc…

May you and I remember that God is preparing us.  He allows things to happen because He knows the experience will help us be able to minister better in the future. So the first thing that I must do to overcome bitterness is repent.  I must turn from the sin of doubting God, His character and plan.  God has not allowed things to get out of hand and He has not turned His back on me.  I must turn from these thoughts and realize that God is at work in every situation in my life. Pray and ask God to forgive your doubt, fear and anger and rejoice that He loves you, watches over you and is in control of what happens in your life.  Bless the Lord today for His goodness and love in your life!

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