Wednesday, August 1, 2007

An Informed Burden

Nehemiah asked a simple question in chapter one verse two,  “How is everything going back home?”.   The answer to that question changed the course of his life. Upon finding out their affliction, reproach, and condition of the city, Nehemiah sat down, wept and mourned. Notice what helped to arouse and strengthen his burden:

1.       Information – (1:2) He wanted to know the condition of both the place and people.

a.       How many people are in your country?

b.      What is their major religion?

c.       Do people faithfully practice that religion?

d.      Do they have idols, temples, incense?

e.       What are their church services like?

f.        How about their funeral services?

g.      How are they walking in spiritual darkness?

h.       Literally ask twenty questions!


In verse three, they tell of the physical (great affliction), spiritual (reproach) and material (gates burned, walls broken) condition of the land.  This may be a starting point for you to think on concerning your field.

Lamentations 3:51 tells us that our heart is affected by our eye (what we see).  Let your heart be stirred by “seeing” the information you read about your country.  Put before people information (not stale facts) that will stir their heart.  When Nehemiah was informed he was burdened.  Be an informed missionary that informs others, and they too, will begin to feel the burden.

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