Tuesday, July 17, 2007


As we think about Luke 8:1-3 again, I noticed that Jesus had His disciples with Him. Everywhere you find Jesus, you will find these men. Men He was training, loving and equipping for the ministry ahead. When you get to the field, you will also need disciples. May I encourage you to begin praying now before you get to the field that God would be raising up your disciples.
Pray for:
1. Men to be converted even now.
2. Men who would be open to your Gospel message.
3. Men who would have a teachable spirit.
4. Men who would be knit together with you like Saul had.
5. Men who, one day, would be listed as mighty men like David had.
6. Yourself. Pray you would be the kind of man they could follow.

Prepare yourself during this time to disciple and raise up men to do great and mighty things for our God. Your disciples will be an extension of yourself. Pray today that God would already have the hearts of men prepared before you even get to the field. We are leaders training leaders.

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