Tuesday, January 15, 2008


As I was looking over some articles dealing with revival, I came across some penetrating questions.

1. Is it difficult to confess my sin to God? Yes or No

2. Do I find it hard to ask forgiveness from my family or acquaintances
when I sin against them? Yes or No

3. Is it hard for me to admit when I am wrong? Yes or No

4. Do I have a tendency to want credit for accomplishments? Yes or No

5. Do I desire to get ahead and get a big name and be a success
for personal gratification? Yes or No

6. Do I desire to be recognized? Yes or No

7. Is it difficult for me to publicly display my love for Jesus? Yes or No

8. Is it hard for me to express genuine love and appreciation? Yes or No

9. Do I try to get ahead even at the expense of others? (Am I an
opportunist?) Yes or No

10. Am I ever willing to sacrifice my own honesty and purity of life
in order to be a success? Yes or No

11. Do I defend myself when a fault or sin is pointed out in my life?
Yes or No

12. Is my primary drive to look out for myself rather than serve
others, esteem all others better than myself and help others be
a success? Yes or No

May the God of heaven search our hearts today and remove pride. God truly does resist the proud but gives grace to the humble. May God stir and revive our hearts. God bless each of you greatly today as you serve Him.

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