Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How do you view your self?

As I was reading in Romans this morning, I came across chapter 12, verse 3. "For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith."

As I was thinking about this verse in relation to our lives and deputation, these questions were raised:
1. How do I view myself?
2. Do I feel I deserve praise, respect and recognition?
3. Do I feel that I deserve an offering?
4. Do I feel that I deserve a larger offering?
5. Do I feel that I deserve their support?
6. Am I angry that the pastor asks me to send an info packet and does not book me right then?
7. Do I get angry that he does not book me at all?
8. Does it irritate me when another missionary gets support or recognition and I do not?
9. How do I feel when people just walk by my table and out the door without saying a word?
10. Am I upset at how they are treating missions or the missionary?

May God help us not to think of ourselves this day but to think of others (12:10). May we realize we neither live or die unto ourselves (14:7). This is a painful lesson. It is one that will have to be revisited many times in our lives. May God remove the bitter feelings that lodge in hearts today. Not because of how others treated us but because we thought of ourselves more highly that we ought.

God bless you and use you mightily this day.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

School of Adversity

At a banquet in Lyons, nearly a century and a half ago, a discussion arose in regard to the meaning of a painting representing some scene in the mythology or a history in Greece. Seeing that the discussion was growing warm, the host turned to one of the waiters and asked him to explain the picture. Greatly to the surprise of the company, the servant gave a clear and concise account to the whole subject, so plain and convincing that it at once settled the dispute. "In what school have you studied, Monsieur?"asked one of the guests. "I have studied in many schools, Monseigneur", replied the servant: "but the school in which I studied longest and learned the most is the school of adversity."

As this year is rapidly coming to a close, many of you have experienced difficult days. There have been trying times in your family, at church and on the road. Could I encourage you to take some time this morning, sit down and write out things you have learned this year in the school of adversity. It is not a matter that God is not trying to teach me, I just may not be learning!

Lessons learned in the school of adversity will follow you all through life and are the very ones that help others the most, no matter what part of the world they live in.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Accountability Resource

Russell Pruitt called me and said that he has an excellent resource on accountability.

I would encourage you to email him for this at

God bless you greatly as you serve the Lord!


It has been stated, that we should not wait for extraordinary opportunities, but rather, seize common occasions and make them great.

"Is it possible to cross the path?" asked Napoleon of the engineers who had been sent to explore the dreaded pass of St. Bernard. "Perhaps," was the hesitating reply, "it is within the limits of possibility." "Forward, then," said the Little Corporal, heeding not their account of difficulties, apparently insurmountable. Everyone laughed at the possibility of transporting across the Alps but four days later the army was marching on the plains of Italy.

Weak men wait for opportunities, strong men make them. This is so true of many missionaries on deputation. One man can not get meetings, support or a kiss from his wife. Another missionary has more meetings than he can attend, support raised in two years or less and I will leave the last part alone! Are you making excuses for your life and ministry today or are you making the most of your opportunities?

We all have the same amount of time to study, pray, call, preach, etc. What are some opportunities that you will take advantage of today?

Is that a phone beside your computer? Pick it up. Dial the number and anticipate the opportunity that awaits at the other end of the line!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Devotion on Prayer

I am thankful for Bro. Pruitt sending this devotion. I thought you would enjoy it as well.

May your services go well this weekend.

Matt. 26:38-46

Jesus Prayer

I) It was a lonely prayer: v. 39a “went a little farther..”
Different prayer is good
Family prayer
Social prayer
Group prayer
Church prayer they all are good.
But, they will not be sufficient, as a lonely prayer w/God. Where no one else hears you but God.

II) It was a humble prayer: v. 39a “fell on his face…”
Humility gives us a good foothold in prayer.

III) It was a prevailing prayer: v. 39-44
He went 3 different times until He prevailed.
Like the widow women in Luke 18:3-5 we need do the same.

IV) It was a resignation prayer: v. 39c, 42c
Luke 22:42 “never the less not my will but thine be done.
You yield/God yields
Let it be, as God’s will and God’s will determine the best
Be content to leave it in prayer in His hands who knows when
to give, how to give, what to give, what with to give and what to with hold.


I have found that if I do not use my computer, it has a way of shutting down. What gets it going again is the punching of a keystroke, or some action.

During deputation, if one is not careful, you can get into hibernation mode. Your on, just not doing much. Not calling as you should, not updating your records, not sending correspondence, etc.... Let me give you a few things that will help.

1. Realize that you are in hibernation mode.
2. Evaluate this last year. (we will deal more with this later)
3. Set goals for yourself for the next month, three months and year
4. Get into a "going into work" mode.
a. set up your office space
b. get dressed
c. have specific hours you will call
d. do not get distracted (with "small jobs" around the house, children, etc.)
5. Have an accountability partner that can be honest with you
6. Start walking with God and doing your devotions again. I have found that when the work ethic has slowed down, so has our walk with God.
7. Start today. Putting it off till tomorrow has already been one of the problems, don't let it be one now.

These are just a few things. Maybe you have some things that keeps you at the task you would like to share. Please email me so I can share them with others.

May the good hand of our God be upon you as you work and labor for Him today.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Varying Support

During my devotions this morning, I read once again about the death and resurrection of Lazarus. In John 11:17 the Bible records that Lazarus had been dead for four days. In vs. 6, after Jesus heard the news, he still waited two more days. So many times things that we think are late, actually, are right on time.

When your support comes into Macedonia, or your mission board, it is posted into your account. With Macedonia no money is taken out that you do not designate. You are never charged for what is done for you. It may be that your support came in after the reports were generated for that month. This would put that money on your next months statement. So you may see varying degrees of support due to when the support was received at the home office. That is why some months will not show support from a certain church and others will show it twice.

What I have found, though I may not like it at the time, that when the money is "late" God has it right on time. In all the things that God will work through in your life, He will work through your finances. Be a wise steward, trust God, and see Him work.

For those with Macedonia, I would encourage you to support the home office. Myself, and other men that work with the board, raise our own support. We are not paid by Macedonia. Yet there are many other expenses that are incurred by taking care of you, the missionary, that need to be met. Call Melton or Robyn today and set up your support for 2008. You know I am shy is sharing my opinions, (I see that grin), but I think it would be God honoring and right. Shall I take of that which cost me nothing?

O.K., so I chased a rabbit!! I love you guys and am praying for you, your ministry, and family. Have a great day.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mailing List

In the course of conversations over the last couple of days, I want to encourage you again to make your mailing list as large as possible. When someone books you for a meeting, immediately add their name to your mailing list. If someone sends you a special gift, add them to your mailing list. If someone smiles at you, add them to your mailing list!

Your mailing list may be snail and email. Either way, be sure to keep a copy of everything you send out for your records. Also, please remember, send Macedonia a copy of all your pray letters. These will be read and put on file. This is for your benefit. A pastor may not be receiving a copy of your prayer letter and think you are not sending one out. We then will be able to tell him you are and send him a copy. (This happened to me. I had all my letters on file so I sent him 8 months worth! Problem solved!)

So keep accurate records and keep your mailing list up to date. May I also suggest that you keep a back up of your mailing list somewhere. If you lose your mailing list, you are in for a bad day!

May God bless you as you serve Him and happy mailing!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

John's Words

Words are powerful. I have helped people, hurt people, cut people and consoled people with my words. My words have helped to bring people to Christ, Church and the mission field. I fear, they also have made some quit church, get a wrong view of God and think about everything but the mission field.

I have always been intrigued with John the Baptist. Honestly, if he were of our era, there are not many churches that would want him walking in on Sunday morning! (nor preaching for that matter!) Yet, as I read about him this morning, another aspect of his life spoke to me...his words and their affect on others.

In John 1:37, 40 - we are told that some men heard John speak and then followed Jesus. That sounds wonderful but these men had been disciples of John! How we want to build our name and forget our brothers. I wonder, when men hear us speak, do they desire to follow Jesus? John was not worried about "raising his support" or keeping "his" disciples, his concern was getting men to follow and serve Jesus Christ.

While you have been on deputation, are you raising up disciples of Jesus Christ? Are your words so full of God that they forget you and want to follow Him? As another year is rapidly coming to a close, realign some perspectives in your life for the new year. Ask God to use you to raise up laborers. Ask God to use you to stir men to follow Him more fully in the local church.

Would it not be a wonderful testimony that while you were on deputation that a host of people abandoned their lives for the cause of Christ and are serving Him around the world. They (the men) heard him (John the Baptist) speak and followed Jesus. May that be true in each of our lives today!