Saturday, January 5, 2008


As we have started the new year, I am challenged by this illustration of how men followed their leader and how I follow Jesus Christ.

Several hundred years ago there was an Eastern king with his army who marched with much success as he neared the territory of the young tribal chief, Abu Taber. The king was ready to advance and overthrow this small village but first he sent an ambassador with terms of peace. After hearing this proposal, Abu called one of his soldiers to come forward and handed him a dagger and commanded "Plunge this into your heart", and without hesitation, the soldier obeyed and fell dead at his feet. Turning to the ambassador, Abu said "Go tell your king I have 500 men like that and when the battle is over, I will have him chained with my dogs". The king with his superior army advanced, but numbers were of no avail against the fierce loyalty of Abu Tabor's soldiers. After the battle, the king was chained with Abu's dogs.
Could I challenge you to think of some different ways that your allegiance and dedication to Jesus Christ could be deepened this year? I was stirred by this story but convicted that I would have the same type allegiance to Jesus Christ.
You know, if I had that kind of allegiance, others may want to follow Him as well. God help me to raise up disciples for you as I travel this year!

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