Tuesday, December 18, 2007

School of Adversity

At a banquet in Lyons, nearly a century and a half ago, a discussion arose in regard to the meaning of a painting representing some scene in the mythology or a history in Greece. Seeing that the discussion was growing warm, the host turned to one of the waiters and asked him to explain the picture. Greatly to the surprise of the company, the servant gave a clear and concise account to the whole subject, so plain and convincing that it at once settled the dispute. "In what school have you studied, Monsieur?"asked one of the guests. "I have studied in many schools, Monseigneur", replied the servant: "but the school in which I studied longest and learned the most is the school of adversity."

As this year is rapidly coming to a close, many of you have experienced difficult days. There have been trying times in your family, at church and on the road. Could I encourage you to take some time this morning, sit down and write out things you have learned this year in the school of adversity. It is not a matter that God is not trying to teach me, I just may not be learning!

Lessons learned in the school of adversity will follow you all through life and are the very ones that help others the most, no matter what part of the world they live in.

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