Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mailing List

In the course of conversations over the last couple of days, I want to encourage you again to make your mailing list as large as possible. When someone books you for a meeting, immediately add their name to your mailing list. If someone sends you a special gift, add them to your mailing list. If someone smiles at you, add them to your mailing list!

Your mailing list may be snail and email. Either way, be sure to keep a copy of everything you send out for your records. Also, please remember, send Macedonia a copy of all your pray letters. These will be read and put on file. This is for your benefit. A pastor may not be receiving a copy of your prayer letter and think you are not sending one out. We then will be able to tell him you are and send him a copy. (This happened to me. I had all my letters on file so I sent him 8 months worth! Problem solved!)

So keep accurate records and keep your mailing list up to date. May I also suggest that you keep a back up of your mailing list somewhere. If you lose your mailing list, you are in for a bad day!

May God bless you as you serve Him and happy mailing!

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