Tuesday, December 4, 2007

John's Words

Words are powerful. I have helped people, hurt people, cut people and consoled people with my words. My words have helped to bring people to Christ, Church and the mission field. I fear, they also have made some quit church, get a wrong view of God and think about everything but the mission field.

I have always been intrigued with John the Baptist. Honestly, if he were of our era, there are not many churches that would want him walking in on Sunday morning! (nor preaching for that matter!) Yet, as I read about him this morning, another aspect of his life spoke to me...his words and their affect on others.

In John 1:37, 40 - we are told that some men heard John speak and then followed Jesus. That sounds wonderful but these men had been disciples of John! How we want to build our name and forget our brothers. I wonder, when men hear us speak, do they desire to follow Jesus? John was not worried about "raising his support" or keeping "his" disciples, his concern was getting men to follow and serve Jesus Christ.

While you have been on deputation, are you raising up disciples of Jesus Christ? Are your words so full of God that they forget you and want to follow Him? As another year is rapidly coming to a close, realign some perspectives in your life for the new year. Ask God to use you to raise up laborers. Ask God to use you to stir men to follow Him more fully in the local church.

Would it not be a wonderful testimony that while you were on deputation that a host of people abandoned their lives for the cause of Christ and are serving Him around the world. They (the men) heard him (John the Baptist) speak and followed Jesus. May that be true in each of our lives today!

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