Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pastor / Missionary Relationship

I truly enjoy the questions you send. This next one is of utmost importance.

What are some key components to good communication between your sending Pastor and the Missionary while on deputation or on the field?

This is one area that a book needs to be written and by someone more qualified than myself.

A few key words to remember:

Communication - Both the missionary and pastor should stay in touch with one another. While on deputation, let your pastor know where you will be so that he can pray for you. Be accountable to him out of love. Pastor, the missionary is still part of your church. A pastor's greatest concern should not be whether the missionary is going to tithe or give to faith promise (though they should) it is how the church can still make them feel like a member of the church. They are like soldiers abroad. Stay in touch with them.

Respect - The pastor is to be respected by the missionary. Do not let what other missionaries say change your view. Respect what the pastor does and the load that he carries. Pastor, the missionary is a man of God also. Whereas you have one church, some missionaries have the oversight of multiple churches. It is not that one is better than another. All in the ministry have important roles. We are (should be) working for the same Lord to build His Kingdom and to see His name glorified in all the earth. As you both recoginize that you are men of God and children of God, it will help your communication. Be careful that it is not one sided.

Information - Missionary be informed as to what your pastor does and carries. His is a great load. If you have not been learning all your pastor goes through and does I do not know why we are sending you to the field. Pastor learn about deputation. What is his schedule like. How is family life like? what is it like to be on the field. Learn and be informed about the roles of a pastor and missionary.

There is much more that could be written. I have only given you a few things. Please let me know if you would like more. Have a great day.

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