Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Insigth From Fred Kindhart

The following in in response to today's blog by a good friend of mine, Fred Kindhart. Bro. Fred is the Director for Mexico at Macedonia World Baptist Mission. He is also deeply involved with the internet highway and pastors. What he has to say is worth taking note of.

Hello Bro. Tony and I wanted to write you a note and let you know how much I enjoy the “deputation tips.” There is always so much good information in there. I try to encourage ALL our missionaries to glean from it. You do a great job and we love you.

As I read your blog today I realize that right in the middle of the greatest “communication generation” we have ever known, there is very possible less true communicating than ever before. It’s hard to believe that back when it took weeks to get hand written letters back and forth from the mission field, they often communicated better than we do now with all the emails and blogs zipping around the world.

It made me realize that if I really want to communicate something, I can’t rely on the “email” to do it for me. We can of course use the email, and believe me I use it a lot, but we must remember it is our responsibility to communicate in that email. I see so many people saying, “well I emailed them,” as if that means I did all I could. I recently got a call from a Pastor who asked me why a missionary didn’t make it to his meeting that he was scheduled to be at the night before. After apologizing and doing “the twist, the tap dance and then the slow dance” with the pastor over the phone, I called the missionary. He said, “well I sent them an email to say I couldn’t be there!” (Now that I’m writing this I realize this has happened twice in the last month.) I know things like this happen, I’m just saying that sometimes my emails are like a few words out of the side of my mouth. Somehow we need to realize that even in an email, people can often see our heart.

Anyway, that’s my two cents worth about email today.


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Shane Clements said...

Amen Bro. Tony and Bro. Fred. I thank God for the both of you and the wisdom that the Lord has allowed me to glean from you both. True communication is the key to folks knowing your heart and feeling your burden and hopefully catching your vision for the souls of men.