Friday, September 14, 2007

Pastor's Question

I received the following from a pastor that reads the blog.  I only wish we had more pastor’s that would ask this type of question!


“Here's a question?

As a pastor what are some of the things we can do to encourage a missionary who comes to our church on deputation?”


There are many things that can be said, I will try to high-light a few:


  1. Remember the meeting. 
  2. Call and let him know that you are excited to have them in your church. Let them know exactly what you want them to do and how long they will have.
  3.  Mail a letter with directions to the church and traveling money.  This will be very encouraging considering gas prices.
  4. Pump up having a missionary in weeks in advance.  Hand out information flyers so that your people know their names and family before they get there.  You can also include some information about their field on there to familiarize your people.
  5. Treat the missionary with respect and dignity.  Have their names memorized.
  6. Give the missionary ample time.  They should be thankful for anything but having ample time is encouraging.
  7. Have special prayer with the missionary and his family at the end of the service. 
  8. Have someone take their car and fill it up with gas during the first part of the service.
  9. Give a generous love offering.  To get to your church, eat one meal, and travel back home is the least of your missionaries worries.  What about his car payment, insurance, medical bills, rent, gas, electric, internet, etc….  Enable him to be able to pay a bill or two.
  10.   Support him.  Not only with money but with love, prayers, phone calls, emails, etc. 


These are just a few things.  Take an interest in his family and field and you will have encouraged your missionary greatly. 


Thank you to all the pastor’s who sacrifice so that missionaries can get to the field.  You are a great blessing!



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