Thursday, August 16, 2007


As I prepare to teach class today at the Our Generation Training Center in Alpharette, GA, I came across the following.

At the close of the old film "Camelot", we find Arthur weak and unable to resolve the conflict in himself about Guinevere and Lancelot thus ending the "impossible dream" of the Camelot utopia. As the story closes, the entire plot is captured in the last scene as Arthur and his remaining loyalist are waiting, in fog and mist, the questionable outcome torturing everybody's heart. A young boy who calls himself, "Tom of Warrick" appears in the scene, a "volunteer" for the Camelot dream. Arthur explains the dream to the boy, and then gives him an assignment. Arthur refuses the boy his request to fight as a knight of the Round Table, and tells him instead to go and tell the Camelot dream to others, and thus keep the dream alive. He tells the boy to run, to run and tell the dream. The film dies from your sight with the throaty voice of good King Arthur shouting at the departing boy, "Run, boy, run! Run, boy, run! Run, boy, RUN!

May you and I RUN with the Gospel to a lost and dying world. May we also be in the business of training others (discipleship) that they may do the same. I encourage you dear men, learn to train someone here so that when you get to the field, you can train them there.

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