Wednesday, August 15, 2007

3 Ways To Keep Your Attitude Positive!

I thought it a little ironic after writing the blog yesterday and coming across this today. Chew on it and see what you think.

3 Ways To Keep Your Attitude Positive!
Sam Glenn

It happens! Life can knock the kick right out of us. Our kick is our best attitude working for us. But sometimes adversity comes along in the form of a negative person, a change, a challenge or something unexpected, and it can shake our very foundation.
Keeping a positive kick is not hard, but it requires simple reminders. When we have a lot going on around us and within us, we tend to forget the most important things. These simple reminders will keep our kick alive:
1. Keep Your Sense of Humor. Stuff happens, but you always have two ways of looking at every story. You can respond with negativity, or with a sense of humor. Practice looking for the humor. Once you find it, your mood will change quickly, affecting your attitude in a lasting way. Before I grasped this, I was the guy who got home and complained about the traffic. Now, I see traffic as an opportunity to listen to music, decompress, think, pray, or notice the little things: just the other day I saw somebody picking his nose! As you can see, the traffic is the same as it was, but the state of my attitude can turn it into two different experiences.
2. Keep Your Right Mind. It’s easy to lose your right mind when you get stressed out and frustrated. You want to snap at people, your blood boils and you can become toxic. The key is finding what keeps you in perspective. When you lose perspective, you lose yourself. Years ago, I lost my perspective; I sold my car to pay for gas. The key to keeping your right mind is to step away from any situation that is making you hot.. Take some deep breaths. Take a shower. Go for a walk. Rest. Separating yourself from something that frustrates you is healthy because it allows you to think over your response, so you don’t overreact. When you overreact, nothing good can come from it. Overreactions equal regrets. Be like the daddy who walked out and saw his 4-year-old girl using his toothbrush on the dog. Instead of exploding at her, he simply said, "Honey, the next time you use Daddy’s toothbrush on the dog, you need to tell Daddy." The little girl responded, "Okay Daddy, but what about all those times in the past?"
3. Feed Your Attitude. Whatever you feed your attitude is what it becomes. Your attitude is something that is always at work – working for you or against you – and you determine which. It’s the first thing people experience when they meet you. It determines where you are, where you are going, and what you get in life. What you feed your mind will be processed and output through your work, relationships and life. If you don’t like your behavior (your output), then you need to begin to change your input. Begin to read good material. Listen to positive words and music. Surround yourself with people of character. This means you have to get rid of some of the "trash" – the negative stuff you are feeding your life. A lot of times we want to change others or situations, but the key is in knowing that we can’t… But that we can change ourselves and our attitude by how we deal with others and situations.
A wise person said, "What we ignore becomes weak and dies. What we give attention to gains strength and life." Give your attitude a little attention and it will keep the "Kick" solid in your personal and professional life.

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