Friday, December 7, 2007


I have found that if I do not use my computer, it has a way of shutting down. What gets it going again is the punching of a keystroke, or some action.

During deputation, if one is not careful, you can get into hibernation mode. Your on, just not doing much. Not calling as you should, not updating your records, not sending correspondence, etc.... Let me give you a few things that will help.

1. Realize that you are in hibernation mode.
2. Evaluate this last year. (we will deal more with this later)
3. Set goals for yourself for the next month, three months and year
4. Get into a "going into work" mode.
a. set up your office space
b. get dressed
c. have specific hours you will call
d. do not get distracted (with "small jobs" around the house, children, etc.)
5. Have an accountability partner that can be honest with you
6. Start walking with God and doing your devotions again. I have found that when the work ethic has slowed down, so has our walk with God.
7. Start today. Putting it off till tomorrow has already been one of the problems, don't let it be one now.

These are just a few things. Maybe you have some things that keeps you at the task you would like to share. Please email me so I can share them with others.

May the good hand of our God be upon you as you work and labor for Him today.

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