Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This question came from a brother not with Macedonia but is doing a great job as he prepares to get to Africa. (you will also notice that he is a smart-alec!)

As I was reading this deputation manual I have a question that I would like to ask you and your prestigious colleagues!!! How do I refuse to fill out a questionnaire? do I just not send it back or is there some general way to do this? I don't know so could you please help me. I do not mind filling out questionnaires that ask questions that are not personal, but when they ask about my sexual relationship I believe that is where I would draw the line. I have even had one ask me how many souls won , and how many I have personally led down the isle for baptism.... What do I do. I'm in one day and out the next.

If you receive a questionnaire from a church that asks questions that you think are not appropriate, throw it away. There are some questionnaires from churches that are fine and some are just looking for a way not to support you. Answer them honestly.

With the ones that ask about souls you have won, walked down the aisle, etc. Let them know your schedule and a testimonies of you witnessing on the road. Let them know that when you can you are visiting with the churches. Give them a two week schedule of driving time, meetings, church requirements, etc. I do not want you to make excuses just show them you lifestyle. Many pastors just do not know.

While you are on the road, hand out tracts and talk to people about the Lord. This is not what we do as missionaries but children of God. I never received many questionnaires. Of the ones I did receive I may have filled out three that I thought were worth the time. All in all you should not be spending much time with questionnaires.

Hope this helps.

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The Kenney Family said...

Brother Tony,
I enjoyed the recent post and thought about chiming in with my thoughts concerning questionnaires;

I always filled it out based on how the conversation went with the pastor. Most meetings are booked through personal conversation not impersonal questionnaires. If I felt he was sincerely considering having our family come to the church, and the questionnaire was just their formality I would fill it out.

If I never spoke with the pastor personally I rarely ever sent in a questionnaire. (I often wonder if the "file" they put missionary info in really exists)

If there was ever a question I didn't like, (example; one church wanted a financial breakdown in dollars including what was my monthly tithe and faith promise) or it was too lengthy, I threw it away.

Questionnaires seem to come in two formats, "the separation" format. (Do you smoke, drink, dance, etc.?), and the "purpose" format. (What are your goals, etc.) I tended to fill out any that was purpose and goal oriented more so than I would a questionnaire that wanted to know if my hair was off the ears.

The thing is we spend a lot of money preparing prayer cards, tri-fold brochures, letters, and web sites all of which should answer any question that is worth asking.