Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Power of God

Having the Power of God

This was also sent to me by Bro. Russ Pruitt. May we each truly have the power of God resting on our lives as we go into different churches sharing our burden. Have a great day.

Endued: means sinking into a garment, cover with or put on.

Jesus is telling the disciples that He is going to send the promise of the Father upon them, which is the Holy Spirit. John 14:16-31.
Then He is telling them to wait until the power endued them from on high.
O’ that we would wait in that place God tells us to get to for the endued power from on high. In John 14:12 Jesus is saying that greater works that we can do because He go to the Father, and then the Father will give us another Comforter that they may abide, manifest, and abode in us. John 14:16, 21, 23 So that we can do greater things but its got to come with the Power of God.

II Kings 2:1-14

How can we have this Power of God?

I) By having Patience: v. 1-6
(It’s a vital part of God’s teaching to wait on Him.)
Elisha waited patiently even though Elijah told him to stay at these cities. v. 1-6
Just as the disciples did in Acts 1:4.
Isa. 40:31; Lam. 3:25
We need to learn from these men by waiting on the Lord instead of going with our on power.

II) By having a Purpose: v. 8-9
Elisha wanted a double portion of the spirit of Elijah not for his on consuming, but that
God may get the glory. He wanted God to use him for His will.
How many times do we ask for something for our on consuming, or selfishness?
Jam. 4:3
Our purpose of having the power of God is that Christ be magnified, glorified, and exalted.

III) By having a Prayer life: v. 9-11a
If you look at Elijah as a picture of God and Elisha as a child of God look at what they are doing. They are talking with one another and asking for things from one another.
That’s the same way God wants us to be with Him.
Matt. 6:6, 21:22; Luke 6:12; Acts 6:4 I could go on and on.

IV) By Putting off self righteousness: v. 12
Mantle is a picture of power.
He had to put off, rent his old clothes before ever receiving the power from God.
Eph. 4:22

V) By Putting on the righteousness of God: v. 13
(It’s up to us to put it on)
Elisha after he put off his garment he than put on the mantle of Elijah’s.
He ha a choice to make either put it on or not.
Rom. 6:13, 16-19; Eph. 4:24-25

VI) By Proving it: v. 14
Elisha after putting on the mantle of Elijah he went to the waters and proved it. He tested
it with faith and believing by asking “Where is the LORD God of Elijah?”
The Power of God will come when God wants it to come not when we want it to.
It will come when we are total yielded to Him and filled with the fullness of God. Eph. 3:17-19 and it will come by the Spirit. Eph. 5:8-10, 18

Back in Luke 24:49 Jesus said tarry (wait) “until ye be endued with power form on high.” We need to be patience, have a purpose, have a prayer life, put off self-righteousness, put on the righteousness of God, and than prove it. Just go on with Him and believe.
Before we get up to preach, present our burden please don't do it without the power of God as we oft do.

A great book to read is “HOW TO OBTAIN FULLNESS OF POWER” by R. A. Torrey.

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