Monday, October 8, 2007

Devotion From Russ Pruitt

Here is another devotion by Russ Pruitt. He is doing a fine job. I love getting these so if you have one send it my way. If you do not want it on the blog, just tell me. Have a great day.

II Chro. 34:14-33

Finding out what the Word of God will do!

I) The Word will always surface up: v. 14-18
You can not hide it. Col. 1:26; I Cor. 4:5; 3:13

II) The Word will slay you: v. 18-19
It will kill our flesh. Heb. 4:12; Rom. 12:2

III) The Word will make you want to spread it: v. 20-21
You can’t hold it in of what God’s done for you.
Rom. 1:14-16

IV) The Word will sentence you: v. 22-28
Even after repenting the judgment still was coming.
John 12:48

V) The Word will bring you to submission: v. 29-32
v. 32 “stand to it”: submit, continue, abide
James 4:7

VI) The Word will make you sweep out the evil: v. 33a
“took away all abominations out”
John 15:3; Eph. 5:26; Jam. 4:8

VII) The Word will instructed us to serve: v. 33b
“and made all that were present in Israel to serve,”

VIII) The Word will cause us to stay in fellowship w/God:
v. 33c “they departed not from following the LORD,”

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