Wednesday, September 5, 2007

From Chris McBryar

The following is a quote Chris McBryar sent me. Very challenging thoughts for us in the ministry. Thank you Bro. Chris for sending this.

"We need a generation of preachers who seek God and seek him early, who give the freshness and dew of effort to God, and secure in return the freshness and fullness of his power that he may be as the dew to them, full of gladness and strength, through all the heat and labor of the day. Our laziness after God is our crying sin. The children of this world are far wiser than we. They are at it early and late. We do not seek God with ardor and diligence. No man gets God who does not follow hard after him, and no soul follows hard after God who is not after him in early morn." - E. M. Bounds

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