Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blue Print Of A Blessed Life - part three

I. Steadfast – vs3 “he shall be like a tree”
He will be faithful
Men can’t be steadfast until they study, and they can’t study until they are separated.
But the man that is separated can study, and the man that studies will be steadfast.
He will be
Grounded – his roots will grow deep in God’s word.
Important part of a tree is the hidden roots
The root system is the roots are as deep as the tree is tall
c. This talks about the character of a man. The character of man is only as deep as his discipline, to be separated, to study and to be faithful.
d. The character of a man is measured by the depth of his actions not the shallowness of his words.

The man that is grounded will have
2. Stability – he can be depended upon
He will also be
3. Goodly – well favored – productive
a. Knowledge
b. Wisdom
c. UnderstandingA man that is feed can feed others
The purpose of a tree is to reproduce itself.
If you stop growing today you stop teaching tomorrow.
Jesus said in Mt.3:10 “every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit, is hewn down and cast into the fire.”
Notice this:
In vs3 “he shall be like a tree”
“shall” – future tensea. Possibility of what you can become
1. You will not start out as a tree, but as a twig
a. a Twig is not faithful, but is unstable
b. But if you stay feed in God’s word, and favored
c. You will one day grow up to be faithful as an oak
2. Abraham when he started out he was
3. Unstable he carried family members with him.
4. But over time he separated himself and became favored by God.
5. God feed him and later he became known as the Father of Faith

Blessed is the man that is Separated, that Studies, that is Steadfast for he will be
II. Successful vs3 “whatsoever he doth shall prosper”
He will be fruitful
“bringeth forth his fruit in his season” – at an appointed time he will be able to rest and enjoy the fruit of his labor.
a. Abraham rested in the birth of Isaac
“his leaf shall not whither” – he will always have something to give
Abraham’s seed produced the Lord Jesus Christ that brings salvation to the entire world.
So you see a favored man will be a feed man, and a feed man will be a faithful man and a faithful man will be a fruitful man.
Abraham started out as an unstable twig but
God separated him
God feed him
He became the Father of Faith
He became the Father of many nations – and every nation has been blessed because of the seed of Abraham – the Lord Jesus Christ
The Blueprint for a blessed life is to be a blessing to others.
A blessed man is a man that can bless others.

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