Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blue Print Of A Blessed Life - part one

This is part one of three parts sent in by Travis Baker. May God bless each of you greatly and thank you Bro. Travis for this! Have a great day.

Blueprint for a Blessed Life
Psalms 1:1-3

Intro – A blueprint is a detailed layout of a building that gives a detailed layout of a finished product.
Psalms 1 is a detailed blueprint layout to show us how to build our lives to be favored by God.
vs1 ‘Blessed is the man”
- Blessed – to be favored, happy
Happiness is based on happenings
Joy cometh at all times – storms or sunny you can always have joy
If you want to be happy make something happen.

All of us here want to be blessed, favored and happy, but how can we obtain all three? How can I be blessed by God?
“Blessed is the man that is
I. Separated - vs1 “walketh not, Standeth not, and Sitteth not
God says for us to be a separated people. Most preachers like preaching separation because it gives them a big name. But God wants us to be separated from the world to be made conformable to his image. He wants us to be a holy people.
a. That means we separate ourselves from something, to something.
b. We do not separate ourselves to be pharisaical, but we separate ourselves to be purified by God.
c. Who are we to be separated from?
1. Sinful People vs1
a. Ungodly – those without God
b. Sinners – those that make a habitual practice of sin
c. Scorners – those that mock sin
2. Sinful Practices – vs1
a. Counsel – wisdom of the world
b. Way – socially acceptable
c. Seat – associated with their actions
3. Sinful Progressions – vs1
Sin never stays the same. They started out
Walking – a choice – to do right or wrong – you have a choice to be favored by men or favored by God
Standing - a more settled abode – you begin to accept sin
Sitting – determine in you heart to join them. You become guilty by association.
The reason we must separate ourselves from such wicked acquaintances is because there are three things that influence a person.
Books you read
Places you go
People you hang around
You are either what your friends are or soon will be.
I believe our separation reveals our devotion to God
Our devoutness to God I believe brings us in favor with God.
Who can tell me who the most favored man in the Old Testment was?
He was called the friend of God
He was called the friend of God because he separated himself from the Ur of the Chaldees, and separated himself from his family – and because of his separation he was favored by God.

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