Thursday, August 2, 2007

From Russell Pruitt

I received this today from Russell Pruitt, missionary to Montana. It convicted and challenged my heart and I pray it will do the same for you. Thank you Bro. Russell for allowing me to use this!

Hi Bro. Tony
I was doing my devotions this morning when you came to my mine.
Pro. Chpt. 18

I) Help me not to have a Fool's lip: v. 6-8 (stupid or silly) Jam. 1:19

II) Help me not to be a Failure: v. 9-10 (slothful) slackared, lazy
our strength is in the LORD!

III) Help me to have Freedom from pride: v. 11-16 (humility) Jam. 4:6 & 10; I Pet. 5:6
That Christ will get the Glory!!

IV) Help me to put others First: v. 17-21 Watch my tongue, it's hard to win them back. Jam. 3:5-12

V) Help me to always have Favor with The Lord: v. 22-23 Favor: delight
a. stay in peace w/our wife. v.22
b. stay in earnest prayer. v.23

VI) Help me to be Friendly: v. 24 That I may have friends and that I may win them to the LORD!!
Luke 11:5-10

God was working on my heart about all these things in our deputation. I had to ask myself, have I done these things? Yes on some and on the others, I needed to repent. Bro. I hated to say, but I feel like I am guilty of them all. Please pray that I will stay on track, and focus on the LORD.

Love in Christ,

Russell Pruitt

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Austin Gardner said...

Wonderful post and it just shows that this blog is very important to our men and women that are raising the funds to do the work that God has called them to. Keep up the good work. God bless you