Saturday, August 11, 2007

Can You See It?

As we enter into chapter two of Nehemiah, I stand amazed once again how the king saw the sorrow of his servant and wanted to know how he could help. 

When the reality of what is happening on our field and around the world settles in, it will have an affect upon us.  Nehemiah’s burden did not let up or loosen it’s grip.  Rather it grew and so engulfed his life that he could not hide it from the king though he tried.  Are you so consumed with your field that people are impacted by your burden?  True sorrow is hard to hide.  Oh, I have been in the meetings with the “worked up” missionary and I have met “Bro. Faker”.  Oh that we would understand that people see right through this garbage.  If you allow the true sorrow and burden of your heart to come through, people will want to know, “How can I help?”  Can people see your sincere burden or do you find yourself having to “work it up”? 

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David Lundy said...

Thank you for all you do. Love you buddy.

David Lundy