Thursday, July 5, 2007


As I was doing my devotions this morning, I came across a beautiful portion of scripture in II Timothy 1:16-18. Paul is in his final days (4:6), has been forsaken of men (1:15) and was feeling lonely (1:4). Yet through all this he pays tribute to a man named Onesiphorus. He said, "...for he oft refreshed me..." To refresh is to cool a thirst or revive from exhaustion. Many pastors that you will come in contact with need a missionary that will not ridicule but refresh them. Be concerned about their families, churches, dreams and heart aches. Also, list out ways today that you will refresh your wife, family, and friends. You may be thinking, "Why do I have to take the first step?" Well, to be like Onesiphorus, Paul said he, "....sought me out very dilegently, and found me." May someone be able to say that about us today! Go out and be a refresher of the souls of men!

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