Friday, July 20, 2007

Lesson learned on Deputation

In an article I read, a man noted some things he learned while on deputation.

1. Increased confidence in God and self.
2. Flexibility. You must be ready at all times for all things. You must be ready to teach the children or silver saints. As one man put it, "Be ready to preach, pray,or die at a moments notice."
3. Patience. I think you get this one!
4. Learn to meet new people. If you can not do it here, you won't do it there.
5. Learn to be an alien. You go into churches where you do not know anyone and are the "outcast". Welcome to the mission field.

All of these things will be exactly what you will face on the missionary field. You will have a growing dependence upon God for you can not do it. You will have to be all things as the church is being started. You will learn how to stand in line just to pay a bill. You will meet new people and many times feel like an alien. (You are!)
The lessons you are learning today on deputation are making you into the person God will use on the field.

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Austin Gardner said...

I think that you are doing such a good job on this blog and I just wanted to congratulate you. I enjoy reading every post. I know that you are working hard to help the men get the job done that God would have them to do. I thank God that they have a real deputation director that really cares and works at helping them. Thank you for all you do and for the privilege of watching God raise up missionaries and get them to the field.