Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Andy Simpson

I enjoy reading each month how God is at work in your lives. Below is a portion of Andy Simpson's monthly report. It challenged and encouraged my heart, and I pray it will do the same for you. If you have not emailed yours to me, please do so at howeth@mwbm.org
Thank you Bro. Andy for your testimony. We are praying for you.

Ways God moved through your ministry this month: Though sickness and surgery cancelled our departure on June 10th, the time has allowed us to contact many of the churches we will be working on in the West. The past month has given me ample time to draw closer to the Lord in prayer. At first I was extremely frustrated, but now see this time as a way of God fully preparing our family for the field.

Requests for special prayer: At first the doctors told us that the wound on my back would take at least 6 months to heal. Now they have reduced the time to only three more months. Please pray that I will heal quickly and that our family will be in Montana by November. - Pray for fast recovery - Pray that our home sales - Pray that churches will remain faithful in their support while we recover - Pray that we will be patient - Pray for the financial burden placed on us from the hospital stay and home health care

Area in your ministry that you would like help in: We now have over 30 lesson books translated into Spanish. These are available on CD at no charge to missionaries to Spanish speaking countries. Have any missionary interested to email us.

Advice you would like to share with others on Deputation: I am trying to learn to "glory in my infirmities." When becoming sick, my first thought was "Why?" Patience is a great virtue. Developing it is a great task!

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