Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I am alarmed at the rising number of missionaries, and pastoral staff, that think a prideful attitude is one of the fruit of the Spirit. As an ambassador for Christ one of the character traits that should be evident in your life is humility. I pray the following excerpt helps.
Bro. Tony

Are You Humble?

Do you have a humble attitude? Are you ready to be turned down by pastors when you want to book meetings? Are you willing to die to your pride when you are looked down as “not being able to make it in America” because you are going into missions? Are you ready to sleep in a converted Sunday school classroom, be forgotten about when you show up for a meeting and hear, “Were you supposed to be with us tonight?”?

Can you travel six hours one way, pay for your own food and lodging, spend hundreds of dollars and get a $50.00 love offering? And keep a right spirit? We try to live with the disposition, “Expect nothing and be grateful for everything.” Who are we that others should give us their hard earned money? Do you have a humble attitude? What are some things you need to change today?

(An excerpt taken from the Deputation Manual . You will find this under the Deputation Resource section)

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