Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Self Starter

The following is an excerpt from the Deputation Manual, a resource that will greatly assist you in your pre-field ministry.

One of the most important character traits for one on deputation is initiative. I pray the following will be a help and encouragement to you.

Are You A Self-Starter?

Be a self starter. You may have worked for a boss all your life and now you come to the point where you are the boss. What will you do? Who will motivate you? Who will set your schedule? How many hours will you put in? When will it be quitting time? If you have a difficult time setting your own schedule, you will not make it as a missionary.

Discipline in your life will be mandatory. As I write this, it is beautiful outside! My flesh wants to fish, play golf, throw the ball with my boys or just weed the flower bed. There is nothing wrong with that but I have a job to do. I just finished a meeting with a man in Atlanta and in one hour have another meeting.

Do not be a waster of the time that you have. I read that D.L. Moody gave account of every minute of each day. We wonder why he got so much done and was so used of God! Fight your flesh and ask God to give you some holy motivation for His work.

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